Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Vs P90x ~ Our Comparison

jillian michaels body revolution vs p90x

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution is getting a lot of rave reviews, but how does it compare to P90x? I realize there are many people wondering the same thing. I know I was. P90x seems like an intense workout that really delivers results.

Just look at the infomercials or QVC…people who do the more intense P90x are totally ripped, look great and have amazing energy levels. But for me I need something that is less intense and doesn’t require 60 minute workouts.

So lets take a closer look at Jillian Michaels Body Revolution vs P90x…

What Is P90x

To compare Jillian MIchaels Body Revolution vs P90x you have to start with what each system is. P90x has a daily DVD workout that is 60 min long.

Except for the yoga one which is 1 1/2 hours long…yikes. Tony Horton is there to go through each and every step with you.

This is more focused on weight training rather than cardio. Cardio is an important factor when trying to shed weight.

So, while doing this program you may find that your are bulking up a bit more than you would like.

You may also find that it seems like you are not really losing weight. You will eventually, but it may take a little longer to see it on the scale.

If you are a woman the last thing you probably want is to be bulky…lean and thin is what most women are looking for, right?

P90x seems to be a better fit for a man. This is because of the muscle mass that you can and will gain….But if you are a woman who is already thin and you want to build up some musle  then this may be what you want to try.

Here is what is included in this system..

  • 12 focused workouts
  • P90x fitness guide
  • Nutrition Plan
  • P90X Calendar to set your workout goals, track your progress, and stay motivated
  • Free Online Support Tools for access to fitness experts, peer support, and motivation
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Jillian’s Body Revolution

Jillian’s Body Revolution uses 30 minute workout on DVD. Cardio is part of every workout…this is very important if you are looking to lose fat! She also works your legs, abs, butt and your jillian michaels vs tony hortonarms-a total body workout every time!

She can totally keep you motivated and she gives you motivational info and tips throughout your workout…

It is funny, but a lot of women find that they see more definite results with Jillian Michaels Body Revolution vs P90X.

She is a woman and so if you are a woman you may find it easier to connect with her. But, even men are getting great results with Jillian’s Body Revolution System.

And remember it is only 30 minutes a day. Most people will only want to workout that long anyway. If you have more energy after that you can always go for a run and get more cardio in :)

The Jillian Michaels Body Revolution System Includes…

  • 12 full body workouts
  • 3 Cardio workouts
  • Fitness Guide
  • Fat burning meal plan
  • Free Bonuses
  • -Resistance cable
    -7-day Kickstart Your Metabolism
    -90-day Journal
    -Free 30-day Web Club Access


Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Vs P90x ~ Both Deliver Results

body revolution resultsThere are plenty of workouts available on DVD that you can purchase almost anywhere. The fact is that if you find a workout that you will stick to you probably will lose weight. And if you are looking for specific advice, concerning Jillian Michaels Body Revolution vs P90x, then I would say it comes down to your own personal preference.

Talking from experience, most people need a plan or system to follow. You need support and everyday contact in one form or another. Both of these systems will give you that.

Plus, what makes a full weight loss system work better is that you get a eating guide and interactive online support. This is why there are a lot of people who are very successful with their weight loss when following a system and are very happy with their Jillian Michaels Body Revolution resultsProven System + Support = Weight Loss Success

Just choose a system and stick to it…you can lose weight and regain your health fairly quickly once you set your mind to it…The outcome of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution VS P90x is really up to your personal preference…Both systems can give you your desired results!

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